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Using renewable energy sources

The electric vehicle is helping to a better use of renewable energy sources, to a greater extent during the night using excess wind power. In this way, EVs becomes a form of storage that renewable energies need.

Some examples of integration

"Fotolinera" of Alcalá de Henares

Late 2011 the first Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) was installed in Spain. The work was done by Sendekia Solar Company (SDK) and it accommodates four vehicles through the use of 15 photovoltaic panels, which is enough to recharge the EVs, whose surplus is used for the supply of the office building.

Fotolinera de Alcalá de Henares

"Fotolinera" in Lanzarote

This Fotolinera, pioneer in the Canary Islands, is located in the facilities of the Business Innovation Centre of the Lanzarote's Chamber Commerce and it was inaugurated last July 2012.

Fotolinera Lanzarote

Wind-powered EV charging station in Barcelona

General Electric (GE) and Urban Green Energy (UGE) installed the first wind-powered EV charging station in Barcelona last August 2012. It incorporates a 4kW vertical axis turbine and a fast charging station at 400 volts and 32 amperes (12.8kW). The energy it generates goes to the grid when not required for vehicle charging.

Punto de recarga eólico en Barcelona