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Our Services

As an advisory start up we provide multidisciplinary solutions on sustainable mobility, raising awareness about the options available in the market and their environmental impact. We are committed to develop innovative projects that involve not only the Canarian citizens but also tourist that visit the archipelago.

Charging Infrastructure

We are aware that the main barrier is the lack of use of electric vehicles and/or plug-in hybrid vehicles in the archipelago, while in European countries this vehicle is fully implemented in Spain and the Canary Islands are not known in depth. Also there is not the necessary infrastructure of charging points for its operation. E-Move is committed to the creation of a necessary infrastructure of charging points not only for public or private entities but for individuals too and most important, facilitating the acquisition of electric vehicles and/or plug-in hybrid vehicles.


We organize seminars and/or training courses to raise awareness of the different local groups that are committed to direct their career towards a booming sector or wanting to switch careers to the opportunities available in the field of green economy related to the reduction of energy consumption associated with our movements, using more sustainable forms of urban and extra-urban mobility.

Some of our trainings involved:

  • Promoting electric mobility: policies, projects and actions performed and under way.
  • Present and future of hybrid and electric vehicles: sales figures, contribution to climate change, renewable energy integration, vehicle models available in the market.
  • Electric Vehicle Recharge Infrastructure.
  • Efficient driving and benefits: saving fuel. Reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution. Improved comfort and reduce stress in driving. Increased security and reduced risk of accidents.
  • Promotion of public transport and initiatives like CarSharing available in Tenerife Island.
  • Public bicycle services for citizens.
  • New battery technologies in the market.
  • BMS.

Advice on purchasing sustainable vehicles

We provide advice of the best urban fleet that meets each professional profile aligned with the environmental policy and social corporate responsibility. We carry out technical and economic studies which also include optimal financing options for your entity whether is for purchase or leasing vehicles.

As a consulting start up, we develop studies to assess the applicable requirements to carry out a plan to implement viable and sustainable restructuring solutions of intelligent charging points in order to enable parking spaces for electric vehicles (EV).

Research and Innovation

The department of research and innovation designs and produces energy systems based on Lithium-Ion and super capacitors technology. Co-development of hardware-software of integrated management systems. Our business partner, Phi-Wire is the managing director and main researcher of the department.