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Respira Tenerife

Respira Tenerife, is a project that contributes to the fulfilment of the "Covenant of Mayors" and is engaged to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by creating a corridor of more than 50 charging points for electric vehicles in strategic locations around the island, promoting the use of electric vehicles and plug vehicles not only by citizens but tourists visiting the island; also to increase the urban fleet of electric vehicles replacing the current polluting ones, closing the famous circle of sustainable mobility. In addition, Respira Tenerife includes a section on essential training and information on the importance of sustainable mobility for acceptance by the island's population.

E-Move Cruises

E-move Cruises, offers innovative services where tourists cruise are encourage visiting Santa Cruz and La Laguna using an environmentally fully sustainable means of transport. It is based on a model of rent a car by hour for tourist, similar to that already established in Barcelona and Monaco. In addition, a tablet with GPS navigation, internet and audio guide, tourist information in different languages to facilitate the experience will be included. E-Move Cruise ensures the end user: Mobility, Sustainability, Experience and Connectivity. E-move won the 1st prize at the University of La Laguna (2013). Draft registered in the Central Registry of Intellectual Property.

Manifesto for Sustainable Mobility in the Canary Islands

E-Move is one of the promoters of the manifesto with other organizations, associations, federations, confederations, natural and legal persons. The manifesto includes the following aspects:

  • The Canary Archipelago should be the leader in sustainable mobility in Spain.
  • The Canary Archipelago and its inhabitants must have the information, training and proper knowledge to invest in sustainable mobility.
  • The Canary Archipelago must have adequate infrastructure both recharge points and electric vehicles for proper use of sustainable mobility.
  • The Canary Archipelago should use RES for strengthening the overall cycle of sustainable mobility.


The project develop a comprehensive knowledge about sustainable mobility in the Canary Islands through training, information and dissemination activities. The aim is to promote through information days and public training the importance of the sustainable development in urban areas especially in urban transportation issues that are of foremost importance to support the mobility requirements in smart cities and require definitely new approaches. In addition, VIVE project will generate the widest possible public participation, which is crucial for the transformation of current urban policies in areas not so focused on the promotion of electric vehicles.

VIVE is being promoted by E-Move, AUVE and ASINELTE.