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Efficient Driving

E-move wants to help you to reduce your emissions and the impact in the environment, for this reason we offer you some tips for an efficient driving:

Avoid using your car for short distance travels

Don’t use your car for short distance travels. It can consume twice as much energy in short urban distances than in highways. Remember there are other options for short urban distances as public transportations, biking and walking.

Take your vehicle to the regular maintenance

Taking your vehicle to the regular maintenance according to the manufacture recommendations, optimize your fuel consumption. Take care specially of the replacements of the oil, filters and spark plugs. Remember to keep the correct air pressure in your tires, having your tires under the recommended air pressure will leads to a 3% overconsumption of energy.

Closed your windows and avoid using the air conditioner

Keeping your windows closed and using flow-through ventilation on your car, you can save up to 5% on energy. Using the air conditioner can create a 20% increase of energy consumption. It is recommended a moderate use of the air conditioner; we recommended a temperature around 24°C, since you can achieve with this a temperature comfort inside the car.

Prepare to the traffic you are going to deal with

Anticipating to the circumstances and keeping a safe distance, will help you to avoid consuming unnecessary fuel while the vehicle is in neutral.

Turn off your engine for waits longer than 60 seconds

When you have to wait for more than 60 seconds without moving your car, turn off your engine if possible. Swift on cars without moving waste combustible.

Change your gearshift with anticipation

While you drive with a high gear your engine speed is low, which it means that your fuel consumption is less. The new cars allow you to change the gear without damaging the engine of your car.