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Car Sharing

The Car-Sharing is an innovative mobility service that offers a viable alternative to owning a car, by providing users with a fleet of vehicles that can be use, paying only for the time of use and/or the kilometres made. This system allows us to forget the drawbacks of owning a vehicle (maintenance, insurance, taxes) saving money by only paying for what is used.

This new system is increasingly confirmed as a key factor in the urban mobility management policies, since it is one of the most suitable tools to act as a lever in changing the current mobility system to one more environmentally, and socially sustainable.

The service offers through a mobile application or website the ability to find cars nearby and set aside. Subsequently, the membership card opens the vehicle allowing users to use the service for the needed time. Billings is done monthly.

Main companies operating in Spain


Internationally companies


Social platforms

There are also platforms like Social Car where you can put your vehicle on rent during the hours and days you do not use it or in the case of BlaBlaCar, you can share the vehicle on your journeys through the city.

Social Car

Other carpooling platforms (shared car travel): Amovens.