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About Us

E-Move is a technology start up formed by professionals with different background areas offering services for advanced Training and Technology projects related to Sustainable Mobility. We specialized on ICT consultancy and also create innovative solutions for companies compromised to green economy. We also develop tailor-made education for different institutions (public and private) depending on the specific needs.

E-Move highly promotes the use of electric vehicles (EV) for all type of urban fleets: public fleets, corporate fleets, self-employed drivers and individuals. As young entrepreneurs compromised with the environment and green economy we have tested all electric cars available in the regional and national market, including hybrids. Thus, we have an updated database with technical features, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), availability of stocks and other relevant aspects within that process that help our clients on the acquisition of EVs and/or installation of charging infrastructure.

E-Move is the first and only SME in the Canary Islands, working with Government, businesses and citizens, bringing sustainable mobility to their doors, and making it more accessible. We are aware that the use of electric vehicles in islands deserves a customized approach and a specific focus that includes not only citizens but tourist too. E-Move develop projects whose primary and cross-cutting strategy is sustainable mobility and answers to the need to encourage the use of EV in islands, and reduce CO2 emissions in order to move towards a more clean use of energy in the future.